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Soil Stabilisation & Retention System

Grouted Boundary Retention System

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Divine Intervention From the Dead?

On Linkedin we recently posted Screwpile Australia having completed another construction stage of the Karrakatta Cemetery, locally referred to as “The Dead Centre of Perth”, expansion where old grave sites make way for new & ever expanding crematorium facilities. The original post provided this “WAKING THE DEAD” YouTube video below which shows Screwpile's original installation, (love the music of CCR’s Bad Moon Rising), but that had little to do with the strange times that followed: (please excuse the grainy viewing as its old VHF converted stuff):

Limited Access - Underpinning

The Bangkok Delta, known as the Cobra Swamp, is littered with large piled factory buildings that suffer from ground slab void formation caused by the delta's sub-terrain water flow & continuous silt movement into the Gulf of Thailand. Just about everything built on the delta is piled through low bearing silt clays into the dense sands founding on rock at 25-35m.

Cheap Foundation Piling Budget Screw Piles - Non-Engineered Crap

We are sick to our back teeth at the mentality of some builders in WA and I have a question for them: What price do you put on screw pile product that is designed manufactured installed in accordance with REAL engineering design & installation certification which is all under audited Quality Assurance?