Getting it RIGHT for Microfine Grout Soil Injection is more important than just PRICE


The current Construction Industry economic climate is highlighting serious flaws in Western Australia’s Building Regulations and relevant Licensing Legislation.


Western Australia:  The only State where there is no legal requirement for an individual or business to be either licensed, qualified or experienced to conduct Piling or Ground Stabilisation Works or Engineering Design.  Yet you need to be licensed to sell used cars.  Does this make sense?


Anyone can start a business tomorrow, call themselves “qualified” to supports buildings and deep excavated ground works. You can even claim to be a civil or structural design engineer.  And get away with failing to provide actual engineering certification for what was done.  Nobody can stop them.  When this is stated to people most reply; “How is This Possible?”  Don’t believe it?  A quick search of the following government website clearly highlights no requirement for such a contractor or supervisor to be experienced, qualified or licensed in WA.  See:


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