Screwpile Australia - Screw Pile Installation (140 x 6m) New Multi-Storey Apartments Kings Park


Installation of over 140 x 220kN x 6m deep screw piles at Mount Street, Kings Park for Mercedes Constructions was completed a few months back.  Construction of the multi-storey apartment developement is well under way.  Overall construction has been challenging is so far as restricted access both on and off street.  The Mercedes construction team of professionals Adrian Gagiero, Declan Sloan and Rob Voss worked very closely with FEG's GM Damien Loney and Screwpile Australia's Operations Manager Andrew Gordon to ensure site constraints were constantly reviewed and managed.  The understanding and asistance recieved from the Mercedes construction team was much appreciated and resulted in successful project outcomes for all concerned.

                                                                       Screw Piles Ready for Site Transport

                                                   SCREW PILES MANUFACTURED/TESTED AND READY TO BE DELIVERED TO SITE

The piling was completed in 3 stages as site access was tight due to limited work space and adjoining structures.  The first stage was the lift pit piling which was 2.0m below the main ground slab RL.  Twelve 6.0m deep screw piles were installed and the pit was formed & poured before any piling works could be done on the buildings main foundations.  The installing machine size was kept down to a 13t excavator to provide the operator maximum manouverability around the site.  No piling extension boom was used for the same reason.  

                                                                       Screw pile install lift pit Stage 1

                                                                                                  STAGE 1 - LIFT PIT

                                                           The following video shows the installing rig at maximum load reach:


The redevelopment site has an existing retained steep benched configuration.  Microfine Grout Injection specialists Fondex contracted seperately by Mercedes to stabilise existing benched retaining walls, sewer manholes and adjoining structures.  Ground conditions were loose to medium dense with dense Perth Sands at piling target depths.  This is a typical soil profile for sands above old limestone escarpments.

         Second stage installed all the main buildings piles using the same rig.  The following video show the typical installation:


Towards the end of the project the builder realised there was insufficient ground space between the building line and the street footpath for the construction of the sites proposed tower crane base.  The mass concrete base was about 1.5m below the immediately adjoining pedestrian footpath RL.  We quickly came up with a screw piles tower crane base which reduced the overall dimensions of the base.  Fortunately we had not demobilised from the site so the solution was a quick one.  Twelve additional tension/compression screwpiles were installed.


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