Soil Stabilisation & Retention System


Grouted Boundary Retention System

Information contained herein is supplimentry & requires an additional site specific & engineered “Ground Stabilisation Shoring & or Soil Retention Solution” (GSS & or SRS). Please refer to the site specific FE's signed engineers design & detail so as to safely undertake the necessary ground excavation works for any new construction.

Excavated Grouted Boundary & Building


A proposed GSS/SRS solution consists of a fully engineered & duly certified design for deep underground gravity retaining walls, constructed in-situ below the existing ground levels. The design will take into consideration any contributing surcharge loads from existing or adjoining structures & the potential of any live loads (trafficable). Our system & design engineering has a proven track record of nearly 25 years.

Trimmed Microfine Grout


The below ground gravity retaining walls are constructed by using the highest quality Microfine Cementitious Cement Grout available. Manufactured by Nippon Steel/Sumiken, Fondex injects the grout underground using pressure. The injection process is a relatively precise manual operation using a long lance (spear) to place the grout as specified depths & volumes. Typically it produces a monolithic underground structure capable of resisting ground pressures during excavation & existing structures dead loads & any live loads (kPa surcharge) such as trifficable zones. No large or noisy machinery is involved in the installation works.

Microfine Grout Injection


Our Microfine Soil Injection is the safest method of shoring & soil retention construction in cohesionless soils (sands). It is the fastest cleanest least invasive quietest non-vibration shoring & stabilisation system available. Our technology is not new, Fondex pioneered & has developed the technology over the past 25 years. During this time we have refined the techniques & materials to the point where in all that time, even though the applications for the technology has expanded immensely our works have never been responsible for a project failure. Our Group operates under a Quality Assurance System ensuring quality and safety to personnel and property is paramount in all we do.

Grouted Boundary Retention System


The materials we use, is the finest Japanese superfine cementitious cement. It does not consist of any harmful chemicals. It is an extremely fine blended cement based material milled specifically for this application. Our injection process promotes grout permeation into & through the sand, binding the sand to a predetermined (engineered) shape & mass. Grout curing typically hardens to around 1Mpa after 7 days (subject to the existing chemical composition of the ground & ambient/ground temperatures). Once the grout is confirmed to be cured to an acceptable hardness by us, then full excavation of the site can occur. We may elect to conduct core sampling trials & further laboratory testing should we consider it necessary.

Excavated Microfine Grout Retention System

Note: Grout excavated and exposed it is often difficult to visually detect, except for the evidence of that part of the ground is "harder" and is able to free stand unsupported. We always ask to be notified & present at the commencement of excavation so we can visually inspect curing to confirm full excavation can continue to the required RL’s (relative cut levels).

It is not uncommon for the Microfine grout to continue to cure to a hardness of 3 to 5Mpa but this serves no additional purpose as it to likely exceed the engineered design intent. Microfine Grout that has fully cured can be best described having the hardness of natural limestones. Grouted structures are considered temporary for design purposes. Unlike actual chemical injection processes (urethane injection) our Microfine grouts are effectively environmentally inert. Subject to the chemical composition of the existing soil microfine cements may degrade over time & further processes are required to design grouted structures as permanent. When the grouting installation process is complete it is usually difficult to notice we were even onsite.


Unlike sheet piles, soldier piles (board & beam), contiguous concrete piles (excluding CFA), Microfine Grout Injection does not produce any vibration, noise, potential for caverning/collapse, or soil loss which could result in future soil consolidation of localised ground.

Excavated Microfine Grouted Boundary Wall

Any existing structure, (boundary screen & retaining walls, buildings/structures) that has been grouted correctly under footings automatically has the additional benefit strengthened soil beneath it, providing greater assurance against any potential future long term settlement & enables further peace of mind during any site compaction sequencing.


The proposed grout works provides addition benefit relating to any additional excavation should they ever occur near the structures in the future. There are no other impact to the adjoining properties.


As the structural & geotechnical engineers & pioneering developers of Microfine Grout Injection Technology, our 25 years of experience includes thousands of successful commercial/industrial/residential projects throughout the State of WA, on high profile projects for Tier 1, 2 and 3 construction and building companies, we continue to deliver excellence in engineering in piling, ground anchoring, soil stabilisation and ground retention construction outcomes.

Microfine Grout Inside Building Refit

Our Group includes structural engineering & geotechnical consultancy firm “Foundation Engineering Pty Ltd” (FE). Our Engineers Australia CPEng qualified & recognised engineers provide design certification under its professional indemnity insurance for the proposed works. Fondex’s Operations Manager Mr Mark Collins has over 10 years of experience in the technology and is WA’s leading expert in the process. Our design outcomes utilise our expertise & knowledge to their best advantage, providing the best possible solution at the best possible price.

A list of referring clients is available opon request to confirm our quality of outcome & would welcome addressing any concerns you may have or any queries you have concerning your next project.


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