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Piling and Soil Retention and Stabilisation Industry Safety Notice

Grout Injection

Over the life of a residential home cracks may appear along a wall or brickwork. The size or width of these cracks normally determine the severity of the problem. Some of the problems that can cause these cracks are , Poorly compacted backfill, Structural Inadequacy or soil settlement below the foundation.

Microfine Cement Grout

Throughout a houses life it’s not uncommon for signs of aging to show including cracks forming along walls.  It’s also not uncommon for these cracks to occur as a result of structural inadequacy or possible settlement below the foundations. 

The width of cracks can indicate the severity of the problem.  Having an engineer inspect the property to determine the cause of the cracks is a step in the right direction.   

Fondex - Microfine Grout Design

The owners of a steep residential block wanted to remove elevated garden beds and reclaim underutilised areas. They contacted Foundation Engineering to design a soil retention system using Microfine Cement Grout.

Wall Cracks and Second Storey Extension

A private owner engaged Foundation Engineering to investigate the causes of wall cracking in the front section of a residential house. The owner was also intending on adding a second storey on top of the affected area.